Roster/ Team Meeting tracker system.

In the roadMap! Yeah, it's gonna probably be called "Roster". You will have a big list of all your reps. You will be able to make custom columns for different meetings, votes, etc. Once you create a column you will have like a drop-down input for each rep/column intersection. The values might be yes/maybe/no. AND we could link this system to SMS! Make a new column, send a text to the entire team to request a response back, and we could change the column values based on their incoming response!

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    Stephen Rhyne

    It would be AWESOME, if we could ENTER our own information on WHEN a team meeting/workshop was going to take place....

    THen a check box could pop up that said made it or not.

    So b/c each office has different meetings, it'd be cool that we could enter our own times, and attendance.

    Tjhanks -Phil 

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    Sonia May

    This sounds really great! I've been using the "tasks box" to manually enter who showed or didn't show to team meetings or other office events. 

    If we implemented a calendar drop down to show day to day events for the month it would be great to see the overall snapshot! This way managers could put in the entire months snapshot of their office's events. It would be good for event to event promotion if their are conferences, scheduling changes with the DM (like going out of town for example), workshops, and weekly team meetings. Maybe the "Roster" or columns could be attached to the calendar if that makes sense.


    Sonia May

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