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Q : I forgot my password and I can't log in! What should I do?

A : Under the login form there's a "Forget your Password? Click here" link. Click this link, then enter the email address that you signed up with. You will receive an email with your current password.

Q : I wasn't able to recover my password using the "Forget your Password? Click here" link! What should I do?

A : Contact us using the help box. Tell us you are unable retrieve your password. We will manually send you your password to the email address on file. For security reasons, we cannot send passwords to other email addresses unless we talk to you on the phone.

Q : I updated my password on the account page. But, when I go to the PDI Sheet I still get prompted to update it!

A : Go back out to and re-login. The prompt should go away. If it doesn't, contact us through the help box.

Q : I received an email saying I need to update my billing information. How do I do that?

A : Go to the "Account" tab. Then click on the "Update WebPDI Password" button on the right hand side.

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