I just signed up for webPDI and then I logged in but I don't see my reps. Where are they? 

Vector manually "approves" offices to be synced with WebPDI. Because this is a manual human process to add/approve offices, this step can take as long as two days. Most of the time you will start seeing your reps in less then 24 hrs after signing up for WebPDI. So again, WebPDI does NOT control what reps we sync we just request offices to be added and the company controls who is added. 


I'm missing certain reps on my PDI sheet where are they?

Vector sends us all reps that are set as "active" on your PDI active rep list in Vector Connect (Go to>MGMT Tools->PDI->Active Reps). Make sure the rep that's missing is set as active on this list. Then wait until the newest hour, e.g, 2:00, and you should see your missing rep. 


How do I get my new Trainees into webPDI on Saturday night? 

Close all the way out of training on Vector Live  and within one hour your reps should be synced onto WebPDI. NOTE: If your reps don't show up in your PDI Active Rep List on Vector Connect THAN WebPDI can't sync your reps. This is out of our control. WebPDI only syncs what the company sends us! If you are having trouble getting your reps to show up on your active rep list after closing out training CONTACT VECTOR SUPPORT. 

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