I signed up for WebPDI. When will I be able to see my reps?

Wondering where your reps are?

Complete these simple steps to get setup quickly & correctly.

  1. Billing finished? You must first successfully enter your billing information → and start your WebPDI subscription.
  2. We add you to the sync. We will then add your office to the list of Vector offices using WebPDI and send you a confirmation email.
  3. You must confirm your office. We will send you an email telling you that you need to confirm your office's participation in WebPDI on Vector Connect. Go to vectorconnect.com -> "My Office" -> "Office Management" -> "WebPDI". 
  4. Can't see the WebPDI link? Are you assigned to your new office on Vector Connect? Sometimes new office managers sign up for WebPDI and we add your office to the syncing system, but you are still assigned to your old office on Vector Connect. This makes it impossible for you to see the links needed to confirm your participation in WebPDI. Don't worry! You can just wait until Vector changes your office number on Vector Connect then you can confirm your office.  You can confirm what your office number is on Vector Connect by going to "My Account" -> "Info". On the right hand side you should see your currently assigned office number. 
  5. Importing reps.. In the WebPDI list on vectorconnnect.com-> My Office -> Office Management -> WebPDI, Check off/on any reps you want to have synced.
  6. Wait! Within an hour after finishing steps 3 and 5, you should have all your reps you activated in WebPDI. If you still don't see your rep's LOG OUT of WebPDI then log back in. 

Watch the video on how to sync your reps!

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