How much does Text Messaging Cost?

What a great price! 

Outgoing messaging cost 

$.015 per message.. That's 1.5 cents per message. So if you sent 33 outgoing messages a day for 30 days straight, it would be about $15 as an extra charge. But all the incoming would be free.

Incoming messaging cost

FREE! That's right incoming messaging. This means that your reps can send text messages to webPDI (which you receive in webPDI) FOR FREE! They can even add "Hot News" notes to your webPDI account through a free incoming text message. 

Price comparison

We secured an AMAZING price for text messaging. Most companies charge a rate more like 1-3 cents per message outgoing and 1-3 cents for incoming too. I know, I know, we're talking cents here but a 1 cent increase in cost adds $10 dollars per thousand messages. 

How we charge for text messaging 

Outgoing text messages through the messaging module in webPDI is a pay-as-you go model. There are no messaging packages, minimums, or maximums. Your message use is added up daily and added to your current month's subscription payment. When your billing cycle day arrives we add the sms usage up (for the current billing cycle) and tack it onto your base subscription payment. 

You only pay for messages that are actually delivered

We don't just blindly charge you for  any message you send out. Actually, we "listen" for responses from the mobile carriers. These responses tell us the status of your outgoing message. We wait and listen for a "delivered" message and then and only then do we add this message to your messages used count. 

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