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we need to have a cpo, demo, and demos for tomorrow goal for each team(just like at the top of pdi). maybe at the top of web pdi there can be the team goal 

team cpo.......deom......demo for tomorrow
juhala ballas cpo.......demo.......
travis' terminators cpo.......demo.......
pizzas players cpo.......demo......

this will only be useful to offices who actually have teams and do pdi but we need it. each of Tyler's 3 am's are responsible for creating a minimum of 3000 cpo from there team

i feel like this will help with the i pad program giving each am real responsibly for the teams success and it will be way easer for a manager to see if his AM's are actually creating action at just the glance of the the pdi page with out scrolling down.

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Nice! Ok, adding this to the feature request forum here...

Feel free to link to it or post it on the FB page at

Stephen Rhyne
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