First's of everything... (Permanent notes'esque)

We are going to start implementing a type of tracking system for our reps. Basically we are going to copy and paste the list at the bottom of the message into every LONG TERM NOTES section for each rep. It would be a really cool tab to have to really help keep track of reps.

At bare minimum, one more line of info in the Rep info part would be convenient if it showed whether a rep is borrowing their sample kit or whether they own it.. as well as a "last order date" line of info?

I have no idea if these are likely but we have talked about them in Olympia as possibly being very useful!

Here is what we are pasting into long term notes:
First sale?-
First Set Sale?-
First 10 Recos?-
First Promotion?-
First Field Training GOING?-
First Field Training TAKING?-
Advanced Training One?-
Advance Training Two?-
First Manager One-on-One?-
Sample Kit Status/DATE?-


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