Interesting & effective ways to use WebPDI's text messaging

  1. Use incoming text messages like a Facebook Status

    Incoming text messages are FREE. Create a culture around having reps and office managers update there "status" via incoming text messages to WebPDI. This is a wonderful practice! Reps like it because it's how they are used to communicating already. You will like it because when you finally call the rep for a PDI session you already have a sense of what went on that day!

  2. Jot down notes and tasks for yourself using incoming text messages!

    Need to remember something for later? Don't have time to record a PDI phone call while on the go? Just text a note to 465637. The message will show up as an incoming message from YOU in the message module. From there you can do what you want with it! (NOTE: Make sure you a rep on your own WebPDI Sheet.)

  3. Send notes to your mobile via text message!

    Need to remember your push stats, info for a call, address, etc? Just use the WebPDI text messaging to send yourself a note! This is way easier than writing it on your mobile or emailing the info to yourself!

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