Hot keys -For Speed & Convenience

What's a "hot key"? 

A hot key is a key or a combination of keys you can press to trigger an action that you would normally trigger by clicking with your mouse.

Why should I use them?

They make using webPDI's features even easier!

List of hot keys

Hot keyDescription
alt + r open and/or refresh snapshot
alt + t open and/or switch to tasks
alt + h open and/or switch to hot news
alt + n open and/or switch to notes
alt + c toggle snapshot to collapsed (very handy)
alt + m open and/or close messaging
alt + g open and/or close groups list
alt + s open the search box
alt + p open the promotion box
alt + right go forward one tab week
alt + left go back back one tab week
while cell is selected
Tab, left, right, up, down To traverse cells.
alt + o open and/or close the rep profile for the rep row you are in.

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