Using Twilio to send text messages.

WebPDI now integrates with the largest SMS provider for applications in the country, Twilio!


Does using Twilio change the way I use texting in WebPDI?

No. This integration doesn't change the way you send or receive text messages in WebPDI. Instead, Twilio becomes the new engine behind the scenes that sends the messages out and delivers messages back to WebPDI. 

What are the benefits of using Twilio instead of the existing default delivery system?

  • Outgoing messages are $0.0075 per message. That's not 75 cents that's 3/4th's of cent! Instead of 1.5 cents per message on our default messaging system! This is a 50% reduction in price.
  • NOTE incoming messages go from 0 cents to $0.0075 per incoming message. However, most WebPDI users send way way more outgoing messages than receive incoming messages. So the lower outgoing costs ends up saving you more money!
  • You get to choose your own dedicated phone number with your desired area code! This means that no other office is sending messages of the same phone line, you can give out the phone number in training and have the reps save it in their phone. A phone number is $1 per month. You rent it. 
  • Added benefits of having a Twilio account, you can pre-pay your messages and keep track of your billing more easily.

How does billing work?

Once you have the Twilio integration setup in WebPDI, Twilio takes over the billing of text messages. WebPDI will stop adding SMS costs to your WebPDI invoice. When you setup your Twilio account, you will pre-pay like $20 that will be used as your SMS charge budget. You can setup Twilio to automatically re-fill your budget. 

How do get started?

Go to the account tab in WebPDI. Then click on the Twilio section. Follow the steps to get started.

Step 1. Connect to Twilio, create an account, and prepay your account. DO NOT buy a phone number inside Twilio. You will do this in step 2 inside WebPDI.

Step 2. After completing step 1 you will be taken back to WebPDI where you will search for the phone number you want. 

Your done! You can resume sending messages from WebPDI just like you were before, you will notices that the phone number being used to send text messages is now your Twilio phone number. 

Edit 1 : Also, I would suggest that all other AM's currently logged into WebPDI should log out then log back in to pick up the changes to the SMS settings.

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