Reactivate Reps right from within WebPDI

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 12.50.09 PM.png

1. Open the search box by clicking on the little magnifying glass icon in the sheet header OR by pressing (alt+s). 

2. Search for the name of the rep that's missing. When the rep doesn't come back in the results, a Reactivate Reps form will show up. 

3. Type in the last name of the rep. This will search vectorconnect's servers for reps that belong to your office.

4. Check off the desired rep record and under the rep's record you will see one of the following messages.

reactivated locally

Means WebPDI already has record of that rep, we reactivated the rep and when you close the search box the rep will reappear in the Default Group.
queued for activation

Means WebPDI doesn't have a record of that rep in our database but we requested that Vector send us that rep the next time we sync (every hour). So within about an hour, the rep will show up in your Default Group. 


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