All your reps in your phone, all the time, with WebPDI & Google

Are you tired of getting a call from a rep and not knowing who it is because the rep isn't a contact in your phone?

With WebPDI, you can sync your entire list of active reps with your phone's contacts!

Step 1. Sync to Google

That's right, we sync with Google Contacts, then, to your phone. Here is some info on the syncing system.

  • Reps are synced nightly! No manual syncing unless you want to.
  • Your WebPDI groups are mirrored in Google Contacts.
  • Again, call reps faster and always know who's calling in (once you finish step 2).
  • Google Voice Integration

  • Other Google Services

    • Gmail, Google Docs - there are so many other Google services that integrate their contacts service. We would love to hear from you if you find something awesome.

Step 2. Sync your phone/device with Google Contacts

  • iOS Setting up Google Sync with your iOS device Read Article »
  • AndroidYeah, just go to settings and add your Google account as a gmail account.
  • Windows Phone 7 Watch Video »
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  • 0
    Jake Wiens

    THANKS Stephen! I was listening to your call with Gateway MGMT team on tuesday, and you blew my mind with all the new functions your building into this program. I love the txt feature I just wish we could find a free way to do it. I think google txt will help me get intouch with my team to promote phone jams, team night out and other weekly functions.

  • 0
    Stephen Rhyne

    Thank you Jake! Let me know if you have any questions about the Google sync. 

  • 1
    Jesse Barlau

    I accidentally linked the wrong e-mail and I don't know how to unlink it and sync to mine, how do I fix this??

  • 0
    gabe worre

    I used to be Pilot and synced mine but would like to un-sync my account how do i do this?? 

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