Manager Scorecard

Andrew Smallwood

Andrew Smallwood
  • "The manager scorecard is unique and important because now we have a way to measure management effort and skill that directly connects to their PDI activity. The scorecard will show an activity log, interactions made with reps for the day, and then the key objectives of PDI. Demos and goals created, attendance created, and improving the relationship with our reps. The first column is demo and goals. So when you guide the rep to a phone plan and goal you type in "Goal 3 by 9:30am) as an example. Later when you talk to them and they got 3, you type "3 demos" so there is a distinction in this column between goals and what actually happens, both are important. Next column is attendance. Simply type the event or multiple events you confirmed them for (unless there is dropdown from attendance tracker to choose from which would be ideal). Finally, if you feel the rep feels better at the end of the conversation than the beginning you can put a check mark in the final column. Your hot news, rapport, recognition probably falls under this column if it wasn't about the first 2. This is intangible, so you self-measure.

    When do you use this? Every conversation. Easiest way is to do it during the conversation. Hit TT1 on the PDI sheet, enter demo times and long term notes, then pop over to the scorecard tab as you create a phone plan with a rep and talk about schedule and office events. OR you can take 10 seconds at the very end and just ask yourself what happened and record it."

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