SMS Price Reduction

Important WebPDI Announcement: SMS PRICE REDUCTION, we got a better price so now you do (This is not a profitable service to webpdi, but it's valuable)

***New: Works with all carriers now, in canada and no authorization to subscribe anymore from reps. Simply text them the 1st time and you are connected

***New Price: Was $00.023 per message and is now $00.015 per message (1.5 cents)

-->There is only a cost for outgoing messages, incoming are free unlimited from your reps

So if you sent 33 outgoing messages a day for 30 days straight, it would be about $15 as an extra charge. But all the incoming were free

Here's why it's valuable compared to other free services:
-Text from computer or app to rep cell and back from their phone into webpdi
-Avoid text messaging being mixed in your phone with business and personal
-Message your group and rep responses come back individually 
-Multiple managers doing PDI, no confusion, all mgrs see messages real time 
-Super organized in webpdi in one place, see all communication

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